Sunday, October 25, 2015

Morocco in Pictures

This vacation to Morocco was such a fantastic time! We needed the break from the challenges that living in Chad holds....and especially as it was in the height of the terrorist attacks...we had been in country for around 10 months and just needed a break from it all.
We flew with Air Moroc for the first time and were pleasantly surprised....we made it in one piece, and eventually got all our luggage :) A good start to our time away....

Finally, finally, I am getting around to sorting through our pictures we took of our time in was so hard to pick which ones to include as there were so many fun, beautiful and memorable moments to choose from. Well, I tried to narrow it down...but there are I think around you want to grab a cup of tea or some sort of drink/snack, now's the time as this'll take a while. :) Enjoy!

This is the departure lounge at N'Djamena airport....luxurious eh? :)

Our own 'in flight' movie (no TV's on this plane!)

Um....are we in the Prairies?? Loving the long, clean, wide open spaces.

We're here!!! Beach time was our first 'to do'.

2 very excited girls (and one behind the camera VERY excited mama!)

Our first taste of Moroccan Cuisine

Kaitlyn looking like a teenager here....YIPES!

Lily is impatiently waiting to get the go ahead to run on the beach

Kaitlyn Elise. Beauty.

This stroller was a life saver!!!

Phil's artistic photography shot....night time view from our apartment

Evie distracting the other diners with her ADORABLENESS!

Puzzle time (made me hungry every time I tried to find pieces!)

The culture and architecture were so beautiful

Bucket list: Horse back riding on the beach at sunset--CHECK!

Our family.

Her eyes...

I love this joy!

I will never grow tired of sunset pictures.

Amusing Evie amongst age old history.

At the fishing warf

Another stray cat that the girls just HAD to love on....hand sanitizer anyone???

Random fun for the girls...riding cars for a small fee.

And she's had enough....

Phil picked out some light covers to take back with us to Chad.
Bought in the Medina.

Yup, we are one of THOSE cheezy tourist families that had to try the family bike. It was fun!

Our place in Essaouira for almost 2 weeks 
Kaitlyn and I went on a little date to get some Henna done.
This lady whipped out jaw-dropping designs in less than 5 minutes.

On a date with Lily....she was beyond excited about the amount of ice cream
that came in her bowl. We watched the sunset together and chatted about life while
eating yummy strawberry ice cream. 

Loved my Henna. oh and the beach too :)

View from our balcony....I vowed not to miss one sunset...and I didn't! 

Look what we found on the beach? The same swing we have in Chad.
Of course Evie had to try it out.

Staking her claim at the city gate.

The girls read this as "Lego Land"....haha

Lily couldn't take the sun in her eyes...

Ok, that's better Lily. She borrowed daddy's sunglasses.
Love the city scene in the background.

Our most favorite place to eat....on a terrace 4 stories up, overlooking the Ocean.

Showing off my Henna. :)


Gorgeous sunset photo.

The girls trying to get warm after a cold swim and a breezy day.

Look what I came across on my morning walk down the beach?!

A typical street in the Medina.

Phil was on the hunt for a blue door for me....success!

Our favorite Riad where we ate several times, had some spa time and just enjoyed the view.


Turning 1 already


Body Boarding 

Phil took full advantage of Essaouira's wind and went surfing

The Medina at night


Kaitlyn discovering her birthday gift (guitar)

Birthday Manicure

Another stray that needed some love from Lily
(hand sanitizer....again!!!)

We had mint tea with this shopkeeper to 'discuss' the price of
an item we wanted to buy....the tea won us over, and he scored! :)

The girls picked out some silver rings

All the birthday activities tuckered Kaitlyn right out!

Pretty Lily in her Moroccan dress

Pretty Kaitlyn on her 8th birthday at a fancy restaurant of her choice.

The restaurant we went to for Kaitlyn's birthday brought out a little
cake and sang Happy Birthday to her in french. They got the spelling a little
wrong but it's the thought that counts :)

One of our last nights in Essaouira....we stayed up late with the kids
and went to the Medina for some yummy treats.

"Mom! We were galloping!!"

What I thought was Phil kite surfing...turns out it was his instructor :)
Just picture Phil instead...

One last swim in the Ocean before saying goodbye to
the "BEST vacation EVER!".

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