Thursday, March 11, 2010

What more could we need?

Amazing. Just absolutely amazing. I really think Phil and I should start writing a book, or at least get better at recording all the ways God has provided for both big and small ways. We often compare ourselves to the Israelites who forgot so quickly how the Lord saved them or provided for their every need in the moment....if we look back on even the short time we have been married (5.5 years) we can see how God has been preparing the way for us, guiding us along, during which 'waiting on the Lord' was the lesson to be learned, which to be honest has not always been easy. Phil and I admitted today how we are more impulsive than we would like to admit, but the Lord is working on us in that department. And honestly, the wait is ALWAYS worth it in the end. We gotta remind ourselves of that each time we are tempted to go ahead at lightning speed and get what we want or need....
Praise the Lord. He hasn't and won't even give up on us....even if we frustrate Him like crazy...which I KNOW we do! Thanks God, for blessing us in so many ways. May the Glory be only for You.