Saturday, February 12, 2011

Music & Dancing

There is a lot of singing around here....Kaitlyn belts out various songs....from Zaccheus to the days of the week and although Lily can't talk yet, she hums the ABC's and Away in a Manger, remarkably in tune. We sing at dinner to thank Jesus for the food and we sing to the kids just before they fall asleep. Kaitlyn and Lily love to put on their princess dresses and dance to the kids music we have....the dance session usually ends up in a funny game or chase which is hilarious to watch.
I remember as a little girl, dancing to records of Amy Grant, Barry Manilow and Frank Mills....I would make up these dance routines (funny how it never paid off...i am the WORST dancer!!) and then I'd call my mom and ask her to watch. She always came and watched me and said I was a great dancer when it was all over. Seeing my kids dance around makes me smile and remember those days....I want to make sure I always take the time to sit down and watch their routines. Maybe I'll teach them a few moves.... :)