Monday, June 11, 2012

May in Review

Limbo.....that is the theme of May......nope....not the fun dance that one performs whilst shimmying under a bar......but rather in our case, Limbo refers to us not knowing where we would be moving to learn French.....I must admit it is a tad stressful packing up your things not knowing where we would be moving them in a matter of weeks. I feel this state of 'limbohood' (is that a word??) is like #16 on the list of 'life lessons of a missionary' (out of a bazillion!!) and I am only just beginning to experience this list ....some have been great, others not so much fun to go through. In the end, I know I will look back and see how perfect the timing was on all of this....but dang....for now, I just wanna know NOW!!! :)
In the meantime, here is a snapshot (a lot of them!)) of what we did in May.....
Rainy Day Fashion

Pretty in Pink (always!!!)

Lawn Maintenance Crew

Special vistors and friends - The Armbrusters

As if these still exist?? The girls enjoying a roadside treat!

The Cousins

I have no words to describe the HIDEOUS outfits!! :)

Best Friends (and just so happens they are family too!)


Great friends from the past.....

Golfing with dad


The 'gloating' photo....they beat us home

Reading with Auntie Em

Silly Lily (I LOVE your blue eyes!!)

Mother's day gift..... Phil tried them on Kaitlyn and he said
they looked good on he bought them for me! :)

Sweet sisters

Working up the courage to dip the toes in (it was 65 degrees)

Bathing beauties

First "swim" in the arctic pool

Solid Friends.....Adam & Nicole make it hard to leave

Splash Park (not as good as Three Hills)


Surprise! Lily is on the swing! 

Our 'new' sandbox (found it on the side of the road)

Our newest activity.....Tennis!

Slip n' slide fun (plus dish soap for speed!)

Artistic creations

Pancake people

Oh my.....

On a treasure hunt....for the letter X 

Emmy & me

Lily carrying her kitty

Kaitlyn practising carrying a 'baby'

Swinging fun at the neighbours house