Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas in Chad

Merry Christmas everyone....and a Happy New Year as well! We really enjoyed Christmas this year....we had a solid year between us and the bad memories of me throwing up every time I moved and Phil cooking Christmas dinner by himself....oh boy. Well, this year was awesome! We started things off with our traditional Christmas Eve spread.....salsa and tortilla chips (they just came in that day to the store....we had been tortilla chip-less for 2 months!!), veggies (including some cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas from this new import shop....all the way from Egypt!), pringles-like chips, homemade ham and cheese rolls, bruschetta and coke in some wine glasses. We ate by candle light then played Ticket to Ride with the girls. It was a peaceful, relaxing evening and a great way to start the celebrations. Christmas morning rolled around and Phil woke up first and made some cinnamon toast and hot chocolate while us girls lazed in bed a bit longer. 

We met for breakfast, lit the last advent candle and chatted about the significance of Jesus' birth once again. We prayed as a family, thanking God for sending His son, and prayed for the upcoming year, that we would be willing servants, that our hearts would continue to be changed by His spirit and that we would be a light to those around us. THEN.....we opened the gifts! As per tradition, the girls went searching for their 3 stars....and opened their gift under each representing each of the gifts the wisemen gave to Jesus. We had an awesome morning, enjoying seeing others reactions to their gifts and having fun playing with all of them. Evie took a long nap in the morning, the girls played for a long time with Lily's playmobil horse farm, and Phil spent a bunch of time teaching Kaitlyn how to use her calligraphy set. Kaitlyn was so thrilled about her 'grown-up presents' (she also got a stamp set for card making)....she's been churning out notes to everyone in calligraphy! Such an artist like Phil.
After a snacky sort of lunch,  we were able to briefly skype with some family (with video even!!) and then we headed over around 3:30 to another MAF family's house where all of the MAF families (plus 2 other families) were gathered for a potluck. We even had a turkey.....from Egypt (import shop again!!) and all the was a great time....yummy food, great company and fun games afterwards. We flopped into bed after it was all done....full and happy. It was a Christmas to my mind, a perfect blend of all things Christmas.

Christmas cookie decorating with her friend Anna
Kaitlyn practising her calligraphy skills

Lily packing on as many toppings as possible!

Ticket to Ride!!!

She needs to grow into that one....

Phil wrote a hilarious commentary between the princesses on Lily's gift wrap.

Lily was very proud of the stress ball she made Phil.

Lily enjoying her fairy sticker book. Thanks Nan & Gramps!

My new clay pots!!! Now, to find some flowers....

My gift from Phil....

Lily using her spatula that she got for Christmas....her culinary specialty: Scrambled Eggs.

Why bother with the gift? She just wants to chew the wrapping paper!

A little reminder of home....and trying out his new '1 cup' coffee maker.

Camp-out on Boxing complete with roasted Canadian marshmallows!

Sleep-over in the tent....the girls loved it so much they talked Phil into a second night!

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