Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Photo Update of our first 2 months back in Chad

It has already been close to 2 months since we left Canada and headed back to Chad. Time has flown by....but it has been a good time thus far. We are preparing for a desert Christmas which is always a bit weird for the Canadian inside of me (although can't say I miss the snow and cold at all!)....but we'll make it memorable despite the fact we'll be wearing t-shirts and flip flops and drinking ice water instead of hot chocolate! Anyways, thanks for thinking of us, praying for us and sending us your love via email and facebook. Our family Christmas gift came a bit early this year....awesome internet!!! So, we plan to be way more in touch with everyone back in Canada via facebook, blog posts and even skype!

In no particular order....these are snapshots of what we do and see on a daily basis....nothing thrilling but a good overall picture of daily life.

Evie loving her bath...a little squished but she doesn't seem to mind.

Chatting with the miracle workers at 'John the Tailor's"...
amazing what they do with a foot powered sewing machine.

Kaitlyn getting a taste of horseback riding at a local horse farm.

Lily the animal lover enjoyed every minute with her pony friend.

Evie and the Tortoise.

Reading buddies.

The MAF Crew.

Lots of people say she looks like him.

Birthday meal! Sharing an oreo milkshake
(aka chocolate milk with whipped cream on top and an oreo on top of that....
for $8. 

Baking beauties.

Josephine displaying one of her many talents.

Abdouleye and Zam enjoying a fresh catch of the day before work.
Zam is one of our guards here and his son Abdouleye does odd jobs around MAF.

Serious money maker here in HOT chad....they made $10 at the garage sale....
oh and that's 100 cfa per glass (.20) not $100! :)

MAF multi family garage sale

My good friend Susan and her daughter Audrey.

Evie smevie as we call her.

This can't be comfortable....but he beelines for it whenever its vacant!

Decorating the Christmas 'plant'. 

Evie knew exactly where to put the candy cane!

Peppermint patties anyone?

Fellowship Day with all the MAF staff.

Abdouleye and his wife Arabe and daughter Merilee
(yes, they named her after moi!)
Paparazzi Phil took this pic of me. Au naturel.

Sweet Evie, 4 months old and already cut two bottom teeth!

Whiskers getting snuggly with Kailtyn's homework.

Whiskers highjacked the bib. :)

Where Phil spent 3 nights this past a village in Eastern Chad.

Lily having a reading the doll bed. 

Phil pulling out all the stops to fix this fan for two single
 ladies living in a remote village in Eastern Chad. He told me he
was desperate enough to use the leatherman and the swiss army knife
in tandem which he said was usually a no-no! A guy thing?

Kaitlyn at her Bestie Anna's birthday party....sporting their 'high tea' hats.

Perhaps I should buckle her up from now on?
Although she seemed quite happy half in her chair and half on the floor!

Lily and Kaitlyn showing off their hats they made and the change purses
 they got from one of the ladies that Phil fixed things for during his 4 day trip out East.

Christmas crafting for Kaitlyn's school mates.
Snowman pencils.

More Christmas crafting....Monster Book Corners.


  1. Fantastic photos! Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse into your daily lives. Everyone is looking happy and healthy (with the possible exception of Whiskers when she's in the Bumbo!).

  2. Spot on Mer- thanks for sharing. Love the tortoise one! A

  3. ... aka... Holly :), Thanks so much for sharing! So great to see how you are all doing! The girls will be so excited to check out the pics!