Sunday, August 5, 2012

Slow Down Summer!!

Time is flying by.....just where exactly did July go? I didn't even get around to posting June here is a combo post highlighting some of what we did in the first part of this beautiful summer....

6am.... that's why i am still sleeping in the background! :)

Rainy day Activities in the Camper

Date with Daddy.....test driving a Fiat 500....
just for fun.

Blue Jays Game with my babes.

Kaitlyn taking it all in, wearing her now favorite blue jay hat!!

Crazy Auntie Em!

So much fun!


Our wonderful friends Dave & Robin
(and Sarah the 'singing dog')

Father's Day 2012: Phil was dead asleep in REM 4 and i woke him up and
told him to go to Nic and Julie's room for a surprise.....there he is....barely awake!)

2 minutes of breakfast in bed peace before the kidlets swarmed! :)

Saying some more goodbye's in London 

Kaitlyn practising her favorite past-time.....tea parties.



Kaitlyn's first roller coaster ride....see us in the front?
(and me screaming??!!)

Time out for a quick family pic

Cousins and Auntie Rachel's wedding shower

Lily's mask is hilarious.....she loves it though and spends more time
with her face in the water than out!

Cousins waiting for Uncle David to arrive

The best hang out times

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