Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Too Busy To Write

I have been so delinquent in writing these past two months...we have been so busy and I just haven't had the mental energy to sit down and write. But things have slowed down...a little. :) We have now officially been living in Quebec City, Quebec for 1 week. We haven't really had time to sit down and let it all sink in...that we are considered 'on-the-field' missionaries now, that this is the last place we will live before moving to Chad, and that we are going to be bilingual after our time here (we hope?!). Oh well...there will be lots of time to ponder these things once we settle in...
I must admit, things are going really well...I don't know what I expected it to be like...well...maybe I see, I have not had the best experiences in Quebec thus far in my life and I must admit, those unpleasant moments had tainted my view of "La Belle Province" BUT it is not at all what I thought it would be. Everyone we have met and talked to has been so nice, and patient (as we butcher their beloved language) and helpful...but thank heavens for the GPS because helpful or not, directions in French just don't cut if for us at this point! :)
It has been humbling (once again) to see God's perfect timing and provision...when we saw our leave date, June 1st, come and go, when we couldn't find a tutor, or a place to stay in Quebec...we were wondering what to do...we knew something would come up, but when?
A quiet breakfast on our first full day in Quebec
We are here for such a short time (usually language learning happens over 1 year) as we leave in 6 months, and God knew we needed some sort of fast track He provided not only a house for us to stay in, but a beautiful Christian retired couple to live with for 2 months, like exchange students do...learning by emersion...already after 1 week, we have learned so many french words/phrases from them...we are learning in class as well as at home.
My dream toy when I was a kid....a REAL car to drive!!
ps. Lily is a crazy driver!
The couple we are living with knew of a lady who wanted to babysit our kids while we were in language studies...Monday - Thursday for 3.5 hours in the morning...she is a Christian and she is a beautiful, gentle, fun, patient person who will show love to our kids when we are away. Hopefully she will teach them some french too! (she is bilingual)
Michel is showing the girls
how to make Croissants (I LOVE FRENCH FOOD!)
Kaitlyn will be going to Kindergarten in the fall, and will attend the only Christian school in Quebec City (next closet one is 2.5 hours away) and it is 100% french! I have no doubt she will learn French faster than me! She is super excited to go to school, I on the other hand am excited for her but I know I will miss her when she is away...and I know Lily will really miss her big sister too. We have to find someone to look after Lily starting in September but we have lots of time to figure that out.
So as you can see, God has proven Himself over and over, providing just what we need in his timing.
We already have several people who are coming to visit in the summer...anyone else? :) The old part of Quebec City is like a mini Europe...with its cobblestone, skinny streets, quaint cafés and luxurious shops and hotels...Phil and I are looking forward to exploring this beautiful city...
Winding through the old streets of Quebec City....
ps. I feel that since I have started learning french, I am having a hard time writing and speaking in English....weird huh? Hope my English comes back to normal soon! :)


  1. Love it when you post! Will write you back on facebook very soon I promise!! Thanks for the glimpse into your lives.

  2. Great to hear! I totally understand you about the language thing...I've been immersed in German for 10 months now and it takes so much effort sometimes to formulate things in English now when I journal or blog or do our update letters. There's little sayings and phrases in German that are so handy, and sometimes I throw them in when talking to my only-English-speaking friends and family and I'm pretty sure they think I'm crazy! :) But I'd say that's a good sign that you're integrating and beginning to think more and more in the language. Just wait until you dream in your second language - that's pretty cool!

    God's blessings on you guys!