Thursday, July 12, 2012

First Visitors!!

We are happy to announce........WE HAD OUR FIRST VISITORS here in Quebec!!! David and Courtney (friends from Three Hills and fellow pilot) came this past weekend as part of their long road trip to Alabama. It was so nice to have a little reminder of Three Hills in our house for 3 days.....lots to talk about and of course......we gave them a crash course in 'survival french' (Bonjour, Comma ca va, Ou est le salle de bain? etc) and showed them a bit of the city. Who wouldn't love this beautiful city? We busted downtown once the kiddos were asleep (the couple we are living with were home just in case you were wondering!) and encountered some serious traffic because the famous annual "Festivale d'été" was happening....apparently Lionel Ritchie was performing (is he still singing??).....there were hords of people, young and old walking the streets, enjoying the perfect night temperatures, the pretty lights, and the beautiful backdrop of the Chateau Frontenac.......we stopped into a quaint restaurant called "La Creperie" (The crapperie as David pronounced it! haha) and enjoyed some french delicacies while listening to some live acoustic music (in french and english). Twas a great night, finished off with a classic Beaver Tail, which Courtney is now addicted to. Mission accomplished! :)

So many people were out and about, enjoying the summer festival.

The grand finale to an awesome night: Beaver Tails!

The Beautiful Chateau Frontenac
Looking forward to our next visitors......another chance to explore this gorgeous city.

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