Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sweet Lily turns 3

How can it be that my little Lily is 3 years old now? The older I get, the faster time goes....somedays that is welcome, other days I just want to hit pause for a while. As I was reflecting back on the 3 precious years God has given us with Lily, there were so many moments and memories I cherish....and some I could handle forgetting....we have loved having 2 sweet girls who love eachother so much and are best friends.....so here are some things about Lily that I want to remember forever.....

-Lily is obsessed with her pink 'bankie' and her mama kitty, her kitty has been mailed across Canada several times (different directions) as we have forgot kitty at various locations....and it still lives on!
-She is fiercely independent....("no ME do it!!").....if I do up her zipper for her, she will undo it, only to try to zip it up herself, only then to ask me for some help....the key is that SHE is the one who asks for help....it cannot be given without her approval :)...frustrating at times, but she is a fighter and doesn't give up easily
-She does this funny inchworm motion in bed at night when I am singing her to sleep
-Lily has a voice that can pierce eardrums....but it is sooooo cute when she says words that make her adorable lisp stand out......I sing the wheels on the bus just to hear the "mommies on the bus say sh, sh, sh"
-Lily loves those 'one step shy of plastic' cheese slices and enjoys getting them from the fridge herself even more....I have bought them while here in the states cuz cheese is beyond cheap down here!
-Current songs that lily sings ALL THE TIME is "this old man, he played one, he played knick knack on my door" (as lily sings), and "this is the day, this is the day that the Lord has made, that the Lord has made".....all at the top of her lungs!
-Current favorite book: 'Harry by the Sea', as well as 'Frog and Toad Together'
-She likes wearing a 'slip' in her hair (clip) and nothing else....no pony tail, no braids
-Lily is not concerned about what she wears, unlike her big sister Kaitlyn who has about 15 outfit changes during the day
-Lily's smile is contagious as her legs fly around and around on her little tricycle, her hair blowing in the wind of her speed
-Lily loves to read books, and I love to peek in her room during quiet time and see her little feet sticking out from under a book on her lap
-She loves to color, and is very set on staying inside the lines, and she proudly shows Kaitlyn when she thinks she's done a good job at that...Kaitlyn being such a good big sister always says "good job lily!"
-If lily could live on a swing, she would.....I think I've spent half my time as a mother pushing someone on a swing, hay, at least we are outside!
-She is a bit unsure about leaving mom and dad on sundays for sunday school, and now that we have been travelling so much this past year, lily has mostly chosen to stay with us in church, which is totally fine....she eats a snack, colors and reads books quietly....hoping she will have the courage to be without us one day.... and am hoping that all this transition hasn't scarred her for life as far as consistency and security
-She loves to watch the Berenstain bears episodes
-Lily is scared of the cat 'lucifer' in cinderella
-Food obsessions: eggs (scrambled or hard boiled)
-Her shoes somehow always end up on the wrong feet....
-Lily loves to create mustaches....with her smoothie, peanut butter, mashed potatoes....and then wants me to take a picture of her so she can see it :)
-She asks often for "stories from your mouth" before bed (which is a story that we make up for her)

Some Birthday Highlights and Wishes....
-You loved your 'swiper' birthday cake (one day you'll realize how many HOURS your dad spent on that cake!!!) and the swiper picture daddy drew for you
Phil's creation.....he is amazing!! Mine would've been a stick
figure with a tail and teeth! :)
-You had a blast with the kids in the 'gunny sac' race, the spoon race and hot potato, and had a huge smile on your face as you ran around the block with the kids, boots on the wrong feet, running like the wind
-Now that you have a little space of your own (your new play tent!), i wonder if you'll stay in your room for quiet time?
-Your prayers to Jesus are always so sincere, and I hope you know how much He loves to hear from you and cares about what you care about......top 3 things to be thankful for this past night for you were: a nice warm bed, your blankie, and your kitty
-I cannot wait to see the plans God has for you Lily.....but this I do know....that if you love Him with your whole heart and serve Him with your life.....you will have lived.....that is my #1 desire for you Lily. This will be my prayer for you for many years......

A quiet place that's just for Lily

So excited about her presents!

New markers from Gramma!

Lily's favorite breakfast.....EGGS!

Perfect for the girls....

The Party Crew

Attempting a 3 legged race.....

No potato sacks, so garbage bags will have to do!

Craft time....color your own stickers

Waiting for the cake....

Sweet Lily in her tent with blue lips from her lollipop

Having fun with her sister
To my sweet Lily, I love you more than words can say, I am so proud of the little girl you are becoming, and the sister that you are to Kaitlyn. I thank God that He made you part of our little family.....I hope and pray that I can be the kind of mama that you look up to, the kind of Christian example that is so important in your life. I hope you are bold in your faith, courageous, resilient, loyal, determined, gentle, a defender, empathetic, loving, and selfless....the kind of girl/woman that God wants you to be.
Love you peanut.



  1. Aww....such sweet memories, Merilee. In the little time that I got to know Lily that one afternoon last summer, I totally agree with you on some of the points you mentioned. She is a charmer and such a sweet little gal. I had to chuckle to myself about "her shoes" and her "independence"....that is so Lily! We are so glad that God is working in her young life and we know she will blossom to be a lovely young lady one day. May God continue to give you and Phil all wisdom, love, and patience as you guide her in these formative years. Please tell Lily that we love her....and much love to Kaitlyn as well. Happy Belated Birthday, Lily! Love, Uncle Jim and Aunt Pat :)

  2. this is so special to read Merilee- I love how you've recorded forever somethings that you won't forget about Lily at this stage in her life...we miss you guys and wish we were closer. I know my boys would have had fun at her bday party -even though there was a lot of PINK!!!! That was an amazing cake that Phil created too by the way.....!!!
    Love to you all and talk to you soon
    Becky xo xo

  3. Love all this! Thanks for posting, and sharing pictures. What a fun day for Lily. And that cake is seriously amazing!!! Way to go Phil! I bet Lily loved that. Love all your posts, keep it up. :)