Tuesday, April 24, 2012

March in Review

March was a very busy month for us.....Phil was away for a week doing some ground school training in Nampa, Idaho at the MAF US Headquarters. We spent one weekend babysitting some of our nieces and nephews which was fun but crazy! We had one road trip left to do and we saw some great friends in Toronto. Kaitlyn had her second ear surgery to replace the tubes that had fallen out....and now she can hear again! Then all 4 of us left for Nampa, Idaho to stay at the MAF Headquarters for 1 month while Phil completed the last phase of his flight training....and good news....He passed and is officially recommended for field service. We had a great time in Nampa, met some good friends (kids and adults), enjoyed some hot sun and relaxing before the craziness of packing begins. 
I am so thankful for our little camera.....it captures so many moments so we will never forget.

Phil reading to the brood of children we babysat for the weekend.

Ryley and his favorite Auntie :)

A peek into Kaitlyn and Lily's "Together Tuesday" quiet time.

Fun at a the Park with Tyler

Picture time with friends

My bestie Jess

Crafting Fun with new friends

The Toronto Gang

Kaitlyn sporting some interesting styles

Time for some in-car entertainment on a long road trip

My old house growing up in Toronto,.
Seeing this brought back a lot of memories.

Reading while waiting for breakfast

Kaitlyn's new friend "Karen" who was with her  in surgery.

That speck of blue flying through the air is Kaitlyn on the new rope swing Phil made for the kids.
Flying High!

Post-surgery Pink Popsicles make it all better.

Hotel hot tubs are the best!

Craft time in Nampa

Lily being "dangerous" at the park

Enjoying the ducks....and the sunshine

Cute cooks

Kaitlyn in baby heaven, holding one of the twins!

Mud pudding, complete with worms!

This is so gross....but tasted so good!!

R is for Rainbow

Enjoying the early days of spring

Running for the swings

Posing for a spring picture

Bouquet toss at another one of Kaitlyn's weddings....

Lily has to practise too....

Making tissue paper flowers

First signs of spring

The swing (of death!!)


  1. I rarely get to read blogs, and followed a few links and found yours! So awesome! I've beenthinking of you guys often the past few days, Emily would love to call Kaitlyn again :)
    I really had to chuckle at the rope swing, lol We no longer have grass on the hill thanks to ours!

  2. Oh, this is your old neighbour.. I won't post my full name, but I just realized that you don't really have any way of knowing!!
    Ps-we have your picture up and we are praying for your journey to Chad!

  3. No kidding; 'swing of death!' that picture's scary!!! But I love all the other ones, especially the one with the ducks and the super cute matching hair styles! Did you know you can make even better 'dirt' with dream whip and oreos mixed in? Half a tub of dream whip mixed with a full box of chocolate pudding (pre-mixed), and then 6 or so crushed Oreo cookies. Crumble 6 more Oreo cookies, and layer pudding mix with cookies, making sure to finish with worms and cookie crumbs. I can send you the real measurements if you'd like!