Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter Blues?? Winterlude!!

Skating on the Ottawa Canal

I cannot believe it is February already!!! The only thought I have is.....SPRING is only 3 months away!!! YAY! Not that I don't enjoy winter....I just get really done with the snow and cold after January. But this year, we seem to have embraced all that a Canadian winter has to help you to have fun in the cold and snow! 
When I see snow, the first thought I have is to stay inside, sit by the fire, read a great book and drink some 'warm my insides up' kind of tea......but my kids want to sled, skate, build snowmen, play house, eat snow, make snow angels, throw snow, shovel snow and after their toes can't be felt, drink a steaming cup of hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows (I am all about that last one!).
You can't leave without tasting an authentic Beaver Tail
Practically in the Beaver Tail Shack for a closer look....
We've done most of those winter activities mentioned above, but when we arrived in Ottawa we were informed that we have to experience Winterlude - a winter festival of snow, ice and Beaver Tails!! We were lucky enough go on these fun adventures with some family and old friends. 
So, off we go to Winterlude in Ottawa.....

Cinnamon and sugar on a yummy sweet bread.....Beaver Tails are so yummy!

Our view as we skated down the Canal, Kaitlyn really
wanted to go visit the princess who lived in that castle :)
Winterlude Gang:
Our Family + Stu, Wil & Ellie (we missed you becks!)

Gigantic Ice slide at Winterlude

Phil & Lily on the Ice Slide at Winterlude

Huge wall carved out of ice and snow

Time to warm up with some hot chocolate

How do you say "Beaver Tail" in french??

Snow sculpture = A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Our frozen toes didn't allow us to visit every attraction at Winterlude, but they had a giant snow maze, sledding, igloo's with a fire inside, outdoor playground, more ice/snow slides, yummy maple snow toffee and lots more.......
Thanks to all our friends and family who hosted us on this Ottawa Road Trip. We had a blast! 
We're driving back to London tomorrow......back to Gramma's house. Of course, we're leaving at 4am!! Phil's favorite time of departure! :)


  1. Love seeing your pics...looks like you all had a good time at Winterlude- and for once it wasn't totally freezing. You had mild weather compare to what it's usually like! safe travels on the way home and good luck being on the road at 4:00 a.m. - would NOT be my fav time to

  2. 4 AM??? Why? Are you a MAF pilot or something? (actually in Africa you are unlikely to be flying before daylight...)

    Love the pix of Ottawa, makes us a bit homesick although I really don't think I would trade the WX here for there... :)

    Uncle Norm