Sunday, January 10, 2010

I"ll give this a try

Here i am, Sunday afternoon.....finally decided to start up a blog. This is a great way to record my days of motherhood, marriage and missions (future!). Hopefully i will be more faithful with this than i have been with my actual journal. This will be a record of the Lord working in my life, leading me, sustaining me and encouraging me. Who knows what will happen or where we will be in the coming years, but one thing i am most positive about is the constant daily presence of the Lord in my times i have chosen not to accept His hlep, other times i reach out in the darkness and pray He will carry me through. Being a mom has brought me to my knees on some days, made me cry on others and had me smiling so hard it hurt my face.....i still wonder how something can invoke such opposite emotions, but i do know how thankful i am that the Lord has given me two beautiful girls. I also am sooo thankful for my wonderful husband Phil who is more than i deserve by far. I love him. Happy 30th babe. I pray we will have many more years together.
Thank you God for a Wonderful Life!


  1. how exciting!!! love it! and i'll share all my secrets soon...over a cup of coffee of course:)

  2. Beautifully inspiring words Mer, brings tears to my eyes! You're right we should all be open to His presence every day!

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