Thursday, January 21, 2010

Amazing Care

We are back to the usual routine, now that Lily's surgery is over and she is doing great. Our experience with Lily's surgery has made us thankful for many things, but there are two that stick out to me quite clearly. One being that we are so thankful for Lily's health, seeing so many children who are battling terrible illness makes you realize we take our health and the health of our little ones for granted. What some families have to go through for months on end. We stayed on the oncology/transplant unit where we heard more than once how the families that come to that unit are there for months, dealing with major illness. Can't imagine what it would be like to see your child suffer and not be able to help them. We got a taste of what it is like for a child to be in the hospital, and can see how hard that would be to have a child living there for months on end, no matter how good the care is, it is still a hospital.
Secondly, we once again realized how blessed us Canadians are for the healthcare we receive for pennies compared to other countries (our neighbours to the south especially). From the moment the cyst was found on lily's ovary, we have experienced amazing Doctors, nurses, specialists, surgeons and overall concern and care that far exceeds our expectations. We stayed in a private room (in a city hospital....unheard of!!) and felt like lily was the most important patient there (i know this is actually not true, but my point being is how attentive they were). In the two days we were there, we even had the chaplain come around and introduce himself as well as the activities coordinator bring by some toys and a mat for lily to play on. Amazing care.....
Those are some reflections on our stay in the 'hos-a-pital' as Kaitlyn would say, and we thank the Lord for his care and blessings!
2 thumbs up to the staff at the Children's hospital


  1. so glad that it all went well!! been praying for all of you.