Saturday, May 3, 2014

We're the land of working Internet!

We're HOME!!
Hi everyone! It has been just over a year since I last posted something on my blog....and I have missed it....sniff. I had every expectation that this blog would continue to be an 'inside' view of our lives....especially living in Chad....a new place for us and a place that is pretty much unknown to the many. Now to explain my blogging absence---one of the first discoveries when arriving in Chad was the fact that the internet just wasn't capable of allowing us to access blogs, facebook, skype and other social media that we had come to rely on for keeping in touch with our far away friends and family. So, my high hopes of continuing to share this mama's heart via my blog had to be put on hold which was super disappointing for me....I really wanted to be able to share pictures of life in N'Djamena (capital city of Chad where we live), stories of the good, bad, exciting, new, frustrating, ridiculous, sad, jaw-dropping, and eye-opening things we would experience.....but, c'est la vie.
The Welcoming Crew (plus Dad)
So, now that we are back in Canada for the next 5ish months, I will try to catch up on all that, and blog about our lives over the past year and also our upcoming time here in Canada.
We have been back for 24 hours now, and have already enjoyed some Timmy's on the drive back from the airport (on smooth roads!!). Looking forward to enjoying all things Canadian....
Oh, one more little thing before I go....the reason we are back here in Canada is that we are joyfully waiting for the birth of our 3rd little one!! Due at the end of July.  


  1. Welcome back! It was exciting to see your Facebook post today. Surely there must be a way to do Facebooks updates using a computer app that would only transfer the text and not require you to actually load the Facebook page... now you've got me thinking...

  2. Oh Merilee! I look forward to a good talk on the phone! Enjoy every moment with family and friends. Love and prayers from us all.

  3. Congratulations, you guys! We're expecting at the beginning of August :) Enjoy your time being back in Canada!