Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Quebec, Ontario, England, UGANDA! and finally Chad!

Caravan in Chad that Phil will be piloting
In the next two months....we will 'live in' 4 different cities, 3 continents, will speak 2 languages and we will not have even made it to Chad yet! Yup....flexibility is the name of the game. This latest revision to our timetable will see us living in Kampala, Uganda for 3 months while Phil completes 50 hours of training on the Caravan (14 seater, turbine engine....and for those of you like me, and those words mean nothing to you.....he is learning how to fly a plane all over again....this is very different from the small 4 seaters he has been flying since day 1= big deal). Phil initially thought he was going to fly the small, 4 seater Cessna 182 and then, once gaining experience flying in Chad, he would begin to train on the Caravan, but MAF recently requested that he advance straight to the Caravan. This means delaying our departure to Chad and instead, living in Uganda for 3 months while phil receives training on the Caravan as there are not the same training opportunities in Chad. Some perks about this is we have good friends from Three Hills who are stationed in Kampala (working for MAF) to show us the ropes and hang out with while we are there. Which leads me to the next bit of news....after our first week in Uganda, Phil will be heading to South Africa where he will complete a 2 week course pertaining to the Caravan....which leaves me alone with the 2 kids after just 1 week! YIPES! My first thought was....who is going to smush all the bugs for me? haha Phil just laughed....I think you will be hearing a lot of screams coming from the Henderson girls during those weeks! :)
I'm so thankful that Karen and Dallas will be close....they'll be able to give me advice on dealing with power outages, driving on the 'wrong' side of the road, where to get food and what food is available, good techniques on squishing cockroaches and spiders the size of my head (haha--GULP!) and any other questions I have. I love a good adventure and understand why this is the best plan for Caravan training, but the concerns I have are not only for me but for Kaitlyn and Lily.....our friends have kids just a bit older than K and L and I know Kaitlyn is going to LOVE playing with the kids and having friends again....but what happens when we have to leave after 3 months....saying goodbye again to her good friends....I guess I just don't want to scar my kids....and I know this is the life of a missionary (that we signed up for)....and it's lots of hellos and goodbyes but just because it is a fact of life, doesn't mean it's easy. I wonder if I am going to like Chad after spending 3 months in lush, not as hot, more developed, english speaking Uganda.....I pray that God would help me, and help my family transition well. Change is good, but it's crazy hard too.


  1. Mer...I know how you are feeling...those inner thoughts, questions, concerns. The good part is that when one knows they are in the center of God's perfect will, God gives the grace to face all the unknown. A plaque that a dear friend gave to me as I was leaving for the mission field (many moons ago!) says, "The will of God will never lead you, where the grace of God cannot keep you!" That has come back to my mind many times over these years, and I have to say that YES the Lord's grace is sufficient for each new day, for each new experience. We are praying for Phil, too, and all the training that is ahead for him....that God will give safety, protection, and confidence. What a privilege it is to pray for you all...thank you for the fresh fuel. Hugs to you four! We love you!

  2. I love that quote! I have heard it before....I think i need to hang that one on my wall too! :) Thank you for your prayers....

  3. How is it that I have just found you here?! It was lovely to see you when you were in the TH, even if it was just a glimpse or two, when you were back. I will be following and praying. Much love to you all.

    1. Thanks Karen! It was such a treat to have a date at the tea house again....Phil and I made some good memories there....in fact, Phil will be in TH in early Jan...maybe he can get a strawberry cheesecake to go and bring it home with him?? :)

  4. There is no easy call to serve. All of us at any stage feel that - overseas yes, and if someone is "serving" in their own culture and finds it easy, there is something amiss. But they are all good calls to serve, and God takes good care of His servants.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement....I trust 100% that God is going before us (always has, always wil) and will give each of us (including the kids) exactly what we need to make it through the 'not so fun' times.....now to act out that faith in reality.... :)