Friday, November 23, 2012

7 days without facebook....and I actually survived!

It came down to this......I felt as if my days and nights were disappearing before me....where was all the time going? It's as if when you are on facebook or blogging or watching some TV...that time somehow speeds up and all of a sudden, it's like midnight and you are kicking yourself for staying up way too late to watch 'just the next episode' ....full-well knowing that you are going to be a grouchy mama tomorrow as a direct result of your poor decision to be up in the late hours of the night. Yup....that would be me. Anyone with me on that one? Anyways, after putting the kiddos to bed one night, I sat down at the computer to do....whatever, and decided I needed to see just how much time facebook, blogging, watching TV shows etc was stealing from me on a daily I went drastic! I yelled down to Phil "I'm going off facebook and TV and blogging for a week!!".....dead silence. Phil said "wow. that's huge. Gonna be a tough one". GULP! What have I gotten myself into....what would I do during my evenings? Well, turns out....all that time opened up lots of doors to other activities that were actually FUN, relaxing and more stimulating than my previous habits. I sewed and crafted a bunch of Christmas gifts (thank you Pinterest!!), read whilst soaking in a hot bath, played a new board game several times with Phil, emailed some old friends, skyped with family, went to bed early and got my much needed 10 hours of sleep, actually chatted with Phil in bed before falling asleep (pillow talk is my favorite!!).....and the list goes on. I found the nights went slower (in a good way) and I felt so productive.
Did I miss facebook? Well, to be honest, yes. I love reading what everyone is up to, seeing pictures of loved ones far away, kids growing and changing and reading stories of mama's who are 'in the trenches'  of motherhood just like me as my good friend Wendy would say. But at the same time, do I really need to know that 'Reba' got her hair cut, or went to the gym and had a fantastic work out or made 2 apple pies? Sometimes those things plant seeds of discontentment in my head....constantly comparing my life to the never-stopping status updates of my facebook friends and reading those 'mama' can get downright depressing. As the famous quote goes: "Too much of something is never a good thing". And so, I'm back on facebook and the blogging world....but....I am keeping myself accountable to the time I spend. I gotta run....the timer is time is up! :)

What do you think about facebook and blogging?

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