Monday, October 15, 2012

Catching up....a Photo montage.

I haven't posted pics since here are a whole bunch of pics showing some of the fun things we have done that past couple of months....not in any order....oops!

Waiting for our breakfast at Cora's....princess-style.

Lily "playing" Candy Land.
Thank you Pinterest for this rainy day activity!

Sidewalk chalk + sunny day + smooth pavement = FUN!

Daily 'drive' to get the mail.

Girls wanted a beach day....and phil played around with the
miniature setting on our camera.

Phil and Lily on their date at the mall.


Family canoe/picnic outing


The kids loving 'sploring' with daddy!

Lily's other game obsession.....Domino's!

Silly girl.

Apple stamping!

The girls had fun arranging their 'house' on the stairs.

Lily's first day at the babysitters.....Kitty in tow.

Hard at work....washing the van with dad.

Chateau Frontenac.

Our special french teacher Julie....or if she was reading this....
notre professeur de francais speciale! :)

Kaitlyn holding her newest cousin Hannah.

My youngest sister got married!!!
A perfect day for a beautiful bride.

The Crew.


Giggling. again.

Date night, french style.

First attempt at a lattice top....tasted better than it looked! :)

During a chapter of Charlotte's web, Kaitlyn did my hair.
Lily said "MOM! you look boo-ti-ful". 

Kaitlyn skipping....her new favorite thing....
don't ask why she is in her swimsuit. :)

Two of my favorites: Phil and sunsets.

Crazy kids after riding the roller coaster 7 times in a row!!

My favorite cafe in Old Quebec....Paillard.

My bestie Jess came for a visit. 

My dad all spiffed up for the wedding.

Sweet Lily.

Kaitlyn had a visit from her bestie Amir.

Beauty in rain.

Canoeing pitstop.....lunch time!

My little helper (or shadow).

Apple picking.

Quebec is beautiful in the fall.

Love this.

Falling leaves action shot. Love dad's face. :)


Emskie and me.

About to go up the 'funiculaire' to see the Chateau.

Good times in Quebec City.


  1. Oh mer these pics are great and gives us all a great snapshot into what's happening with you them and also seeing photos of your family members...good times with all of them! Blessings for a great fall together in Quebec!

  2. P.S. I am in looooove with your fall knit hat in the leaves picture...where is it from??? Looks great on you

    1. Jess, emily gave it to me a couple of years ago for Christmas....thanks! :)

  3. Great pictures....thanks for sharing! The fall leaves are gorgeous...I miss that here in Lima!