Thursday, May 3, 2012

April in Review

This month literally FLEW's like I lost a month of my life....that's seriously how fast it went! It's not like we were doing a whole lot, time just seemed to pass by quickly. Good thing we took some pictures to prove that April actually happened.....
Enjoy the marathon of pictures....
Bubblegum Ice Cream

Cool as a cucumber

Craft time

Feeding the (overfed) ducks!

Painting an Ice Cream cone

Story time at the library

Quiet time fun....Lily always ends up being the baby

Lily's newest riding

Story time and Hot Chocolate to warm up

Kaitlyn's special friend Brooke

Target!! (we didn't buy any of that!)

Making Resurrection Cookies for Easter

So excited about the cookies!

Waiting for our food at Olive Garden

Making Phil laugh

Love this pic....daddy with his girls

The Merry-go-round that makes me nauseous!

Playing house

Quiet reading corner in the library

Mmmm....fresh strawberries...soon to be underneath some whip cream!

(Lily is not too happy after falling off the couch and hitting her head)


The Kidlets at McDee's

Early morning activities

Lily fell asleep during Quiet Time

Lily loves to make mustaches with various foods

The beginnings of Lily's birthday cake

The sand pit right outside our house

Making a birthday invitation

Ta-Da!! Finished product.

Picnic on a sunny day

Ready to play in the rain

The Pilots

My favorite Pilot

Kaitlyn's bestie Talia

Pretty girl


Love the look.....

Our special friends

Me & Dawn

Sam & Phil

Kaitlyn & Talia (literally joined at the hip!)

Lily and Brady


Lily mothered Charlie all month....
Phil flying in Nampa, Idaho

A highlight for the kids is when they get to sit in the planes!

Lily practising her pilot skills...she needs a smaller helmet though

Kaitlyn fell asleep in her Quiet time
(she is in this yellow bus shaped tent, where she had quiet time every day)

Seasoned travellers

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