Sunday, March 18, 2012

February in Review

Another month has flown by, and I must admit, I did not take as many pictures as I should have. It is amazing how 29 days can go by and I wonder what we did? Besides Valentines Day, and Phil being away for a week at the end, the days just flew by without too much excitement. We have enjoyed a lot of park time as there has not been a lot of snow or severely cold temperatures (nope...don't miss Alberta winters at all!!), and Kaitlyn also finished her swimming lessons. Lily and Kaitlyn spend a lot of time playing with each other, and get along for the most part.....At any given time, at least one of the girls will be wearing a) a Princess Dress, b) a swimsuit, c) nothing!! :) I'm so glad they have each other for this stage of our lives, with travelling often, they don't have the kind of friends they had in Three Hills to play with.  Homeschooling is going well now that we have our schedule set and I have a better idea of what I am sopposed to be teaching Kaitlyn. We are over halfway through the alphabet, and Kaitlyn has been reading 2 words (ie: Bat) that I write out for her each day on her own (sounding them out) which is a good start. I wonder when she will be able to read her first book to herself?!
Here's a snapshot of what we did in February:

Making Heart-shaped Cupcakes for Valentines Day

Place a marble in the muffin tin for a heart shaped cupcake!
Practising her letters

Lily painting her wooden monkey notebook

Kaitlyn LOVES arts and crafts!

Making "boo-tiful" cupcakes :)

Valentines Day Sweetness

Tea Party!

My sweet Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn was so excited about her mask,
but quickly realized she needed a cape to complete the look!

Wedding # is a daily occurrence in our house! 

This time they managed to recruit a Prince.....

Face Painting Fun

Do you see any similarities? 

Kaitlyn had to be a cat too.


  1. Pretty cool prince you girls have there ;)

  2. aww, so sweet to see what your girls are up to.....
    It makes me laugh bc our worlds are so different with 2 boys vs 2 girls...we've NEVER had a wedding at our house!!! lol...

  3. Your girls are such sweeties! Wow, they're getting big. Miss you guys! Sure won't have to worry about winter either in Three Bumps or London soon, and I bet you'll be wishing for a bit of snow (well, a bit maybe) once you're feet hit the san - I mean - ground in Chad! :) Hugs all around to you all, love from Ron and Jac.