Monday, January 9, 2012

32 and counting....

Happy 32nd Birthday Phil!

I have known Phil for 14 years now, been kissin' him for 12 :)

Phil & I at a cafe in Meaford, on his birthday getaway!

No airplane cake mold available, a race car is the next best thing?

The Birthday Meal

Lily guzzling the apple juice 
Kaitlyn said "Dad is gonna LOVE this card!"

A little help...
We took advantage of having a grandma around and took off for the weekend.
Relaxing, leisurely meals, movies, quality time with special friends and a peaceful drive were some of the things we enjoyed most about 'getting away'. Thanks mom!

When we got back on Sunday, the girls couldn't wait to 'make a party' for Phil.  Great memories made.

Who's next? Lily, in April. She's already decided what cake she wants.  :)


  1. Looks like fun, miss you guys!

  2. Krista! Good to hear from you! I love reading your blog and looking at all your pictures and reading about all your english adventures! :) Kaitlyn was very excited to see Jacob....she pointed to his picture and said...."remember that guy Jacob?" haha....he obviously was memorable to her little 4 year old mind!
    Hay, Phil and I are going to be in London (your london, not ontario london) in early July for 2 weeks. It would be awesome to hook up for a dinner or something. We are there for training with MAF so we will be fairly busy during the week but weekends are free. We dont' have any plans as of yet....a little early for that, but it would be great to see you guys for a bit!
    Nice to hear from you!