Friday, August 20, 2010

Triathlon Blues

man, i am super disappointed. The trochu triathalon got cancelled due to the poor air quality from the BC fires....i totally understand why they cancelled it....i guess it is just anti-climactic after doing almost 3 months of training for this one day....and then the day before to hear it is a no go? argh! I am currently searching for another tri to participate in....but we are nearing the end of the season and it is slim pickin's out there....
I do have to say that i don't think the training was a waste at all.... I have so enjoyed training with the 'team' and seeing improvements in my endurance and fitness. Who woulda thought i could pump out 24km in an hour and 10 minutes and actually look forward to biking that again??? not so much the hills where i was practically rolling backwards i was going so slow....but least i didn't get off the bike or stand up on the pedals...i just used the gears....right down to the very easiest gear one could use.....very rewarding when you crest the hill and look back to see the mountain you just biked up. has been fun, challenging and exciting to train for this triathlon. Here's to hoping we find one to race in this summer...if not....why not an impromptu three hills triathlon....anyone else care to join in? I have an extra bike....


  1. i'm sorry!!! can't imagine how discouraged you are - hopefully you can find something before the season is finished.

    how exciting, though, all the things you found you could accomplish!! yay!!:)

  2. that sucks, I am so sorry Merilee. If you do it next year I am so with you